Dynamics 365 and HubSpot integration for a Large Manufacturer

Dynamics 365 and HubSpot integration for a Large Manufacturer

How Learners.ai helped a leader in flow control technology integrate its systems, improve conversions and attribution, and increase visibility into sales and marketing processes.


Unibloc Hygienic Technologies is a manufacturing company specializing in flow control technology, such as positive displacement pumps and drum pumps. The company serves a wide range of industries and provides products that help customers achieve lower operational costs, fight downtime, and meet deadlines when executing sanitary pumping jobs.

The Objective

Unibloc told Learners.ai it had trouble integrating the technologies it relied on for day-to-day operations. The company used Microsoft Dynamics 365 as its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, including as its primary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. HubSpot Marketing Hub was being used as the marketing automation platform. Incorporating all these platforms proved challenging. To make matters even more complicated, Unibloc had different instances of Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM for the different markets it serves, such as North America, Germany, and the United Kingdom. This complex tech environment made it difficult for the marketing and sales team to perform simple operational activities.



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Unibloc came to Learners with several challenges, including:

  • • Unable to generate leads effectively: With multiple systems, Unibloc found it hard to generate leads. In particular, the company faced difficulties when directing leads to different salespeople in different regions due to its complicated tech environment.

  • • Unable to integrate systems: Unibloc's sales team used Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft products, while its marketing team relied on HubSpot Marketing Hub. The company wanted to remove data silos and create a link between these two systems. That would ensure greater collaboration between its sales and marketing teams.

  • • Lack of attribution: Due to little integration between the sales and marketing departments, Unibloc struggled with attribution. The company had no idea how marketing was performing in relation to sales. Its marketing and sales functions were completely separate from one another.
  • • Systems not utilized correctly: Learners found that Unibloc hadn't finished setting up its CRM and didn't use HubSpot every day, meaning it wasn't getting the full value from these platforms. The company also relied on spreadsheets to manage sales and marketing functions, which increased labor resources.

Solutions to These Challenges

Here's how Learners.ai solved the above challenges for Unibloc:

1. Creating a Link Between HubSpot and Dynamics 365

Unibloc's marketing team used HubSpot for leads, forms, and other campaign-related jobs that sent leads to HubSpot. These leads would just sit there unless a sales rep decides to log in and check. So we created a small Power Automate app to create a bi-direction link between Dynamics 365 and HubSpot. Now leads get created in the CRM instantly and changes to any property in either Dynamics 365 or HubSpot would be reflected in the other, increasing visibility into lead-based workflows.

2. Creating a Bi-Directional Integration Between HubSpot and Dynamics CRM for Quotes and Deals

Learners also created an integration via Power Automate that allowed Unibloc's marketing team to send quotes created in Dynamics 365 directly to HubSpot, improving deal management. Marketing team could also send closed won and closed lost deals to HubSpot from Dynamics 365. This bi-directional pipeline enhanced conversion-based reporting, helping Unibloc learn where qualified leads, sales-qualified leads, opportunities, and customers were in its marketing and sales funnels.

3. Linking Microsoft Dynamics and HubSpot

Learners used Power Automate because it's a local Microsoft solution with little complexity that requires no custom elements. By building integrations using local components of HubSpot and Microsoft, the total cost of ownership for Unibloc is low, and management and maintenance are simple. It also reduces operational risk by applying industry best practices.

4. Digitizing Operations

Before partnering with Learners, Unibloc wasn't getting enough value from their tools so most people still used spreadsheets for some marketing and sales tasks. By improving system integrations, Learners digitized the company's operations, allowing it to get more return from its SaaS stack. 



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The biggest benefit of Learners' partnership with Unibloc is increasing visibility into conversion rates. Dynamics 365 and HubSpot integrations allow the company to track conversions more effectively and learn more about deals, opportunities, and customers in its funnels. With increased visibility into conversion processes, Unibloc has been able to convert more leads into bonafide customers. Its conversion rate has increased by 15% since working with Learners.

Unibloc's close rate has also improved by 20%. Sales and marketing teams knew little about deals and leads before Learners created new integrations between systems. Now, these professionals can close deals in a quicker timeframe because they have more visibility into pipelines.

Another benefit of Learners' partnership with Unibloc is revenue attribution. With a more unified tech environment, Unibloc can determine which marketing channels result in the most sales. The company's sales and marketing departments are now fully interconnected. Unibloc can also manage data and maintain data quality as information flows from one system to another, such as Dynamics 365 to HubSpot.

By digitizing Unibloc's operations, Learners has saved the company thousands of hours. By removing manual and spreadsheet-based processes, the company has reduced labor resources and increased efficiency by 25%. 

Unibloc can also quickly rectify bottlenecks that result from Learners' integrations. Error reporting is part of the Power Automate solution, and if an error occurs, the team receives a webhook notification. Unibloc can also receive email alerts every time a failure happens within Power Automate, such as a deal not being synced. By identifying these failures, Unibloc can respond to problems quickly and make sure they don't impact workflows.

Unibloc's sales reps also receive email notifications about new leads they should connect with. These reps get alerts based on their region code, helping them engage with potential customers in their location, whether that's North America, Germany, or any other of Unibloc's markets. That way, reps never miss a sales opportunity.

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