HubSpot Operations Hub - The RevOps Enabler

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The launch of the new HubSpot Operations Hub is exactly what your operations teams need to maximize your RevOps potential and strengthen all customer experiences with your brand. 

At the core of every great business nowadays is a unified approach in process, platforms, and people working towards the same goals and objectives that benefit the company as a whole. More often than not, teams are tempted to divide up into silos and tackle their missions separately, looking out for only the good of their department and not the company as a whole.

However, it's clear that a single Revenue Operations (aka RevOps) organization dismantles these inefficient beliefs and unifies all marketing, sales, and customer service teams. 

Let's explore what RevOps is and how the HubSpot Operations Hub facilitates the work your team does.

What is the new HubSpot Operations Hub all about?

Operations Hub is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to HubSpot's complete customer relationship management (CRM) platform. It boosts your relationship with your customers and improves revenues.

Essentially, HubSpot acts as the 'platform' to which you can add more 'software' or apps. Operations Hub synthesizes all of that into a single platform and source of truth for data. It acts as the tool that binds the processes and disparate apps used by your marketing, sales, and customer service teams.

The CRM expansion allows your RevOps team to replace manual processes with automation. This frees up employees for more important matters. The Operations Hub syncs all your apps in one centralized location and consolidates and cleans all your consumer data so all your teams have access to accurate and up-to-date information.

Three important features of the HubSpot Operations Hub include:

  1. Data syncing — You can now integrate all your business apps (including billing apps, customer service tools, email marketing apps, and more) into one place on HubSpot, no matter your CRM (allowing HubSpot Salesforce integrations). When all teams access the same platform and consumer analytics, it improves the overall customer experience with all brand touchpoints. It will also align internal communications related to how each department can play its part during the entire customer lifecycle

  2. Programmable automation — With customizable automation, you will be better able to reach your target audience through different channels and integrations. Better yet, you'll be able to do it without adding any extra workloads to your employees through 3 automated actions: custom code, create a webhook, and custom-coded bot actions.
  3. Data quality automation — Gone are the days when dirty data plagued your team's decisions and your customers' experiences. Operations Hub gives all teams access to the same accurate and up-to-date customer data. And, it goes a step further and does the cleaning process itself through automation.

Why is Operations Hub so important?

Technology advances at a rapid rate, regularly influencing the way marketing and sales teams do business. With these advancements come new opportunities that are highly complex and challenging. Operations teams need the right tools, technology, and automation to keep up with the latest HubSpot integrations

After all, the role of operations is to limit these challenges and complexities by organizing and improving processes. In turn, this improves productivity, quality, and overall efficiency. Operations Hub is important because it is the answer to these common problems.

How does the Operations Hub enable RevOps?

Merely knowing the meaning of RevOps and implementing its strategy into your business isn't enough to scale your business to its full potential — it's just the start. The required tools and technology that come with this successful approach will set you apart from the competition in terms of customer experience. This is because tools like Operations Hub are what enable RevOps strategies

It's easy to decide to align all departments, but the execution may be complex. The HubSpot Operations Hub synthesizes your revenue operations with all the necessary tools and technology required to align all your individual teams with one shared goal and purpose: to accelerate revenue by delighting the customer.

How Operations Hub goes beyond traditional systems integrations

There are four ways, in particular, that Operations Hub goes beyond traditional system integrations and boosts revenue intelligence. First and foremost, Operations Hub allows data transfers to and from all systems in both directions. Traditional systems only ever allow you to transfer data into a single system, sometimes in a single direction. Likewise, the data that is synchronized can only be data that was added after (aka the 'cutover date') the integration in traditional systems. The data sync feature of Operations Hub transfers future and past data no matter when it was added. 

Operations Hub also ensures real-time synchronization as opposed to traditional systems that only respond to certain triggers. Lastly, and certainly not least, is customization. HubSpot's Operations Hub is designed with your business's unique needs in mind as opposed to the traditional one-size-fits-all approach. 

How Operations Hub provides a great customer experience

By now, most businesses understand the importance of providing great customer experiences. After all, it can lead to more sales, more customers, and more loyalty. The problem is that most businesses struggle to pinpoint and target the customer lifecycle This results in the failure of more than 90% of customer experience initiatives. The reason? Disorganization, inconsistencies, and lack of communication between departments. 

This is where Operations Hub can step in to make all the difference in the customer experience your business provides. With one source of integrated communication, data, and tools for all departments to access — customers can rely on receiving a consistent and positive experience at every touchpoint with your brand, including all their experiences with your marketing, sales, and customer services teams. 

This ensures every customer's experience is positive, consistent across all touchpoints, aligned internally, and responsive. 

Start sooner rather than later

With a RevOps strategy and the HubSpot Operations Hub, your operations teams will be better set up for success and more empowered than ever before. An organized and unified approach between all departments is the secret weapon to truly scaling your business with greater customer experience, improved productivity between employees, and more accurate and reliable data to drive your results. 

Start sooner rather than later and get a jump on the competition. After all, financial products and services are complex and require more education for prospects, taking much longer nurturing cycles and increasing the importance of automation. In the meantime, learn more with our RevOps Checklist or reach out to us at for a free RevOps consultation