Why CPG Leaders choose Consumer Good Cloud B2B Sales over Sales Cloud?

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Consumer goods companies face unique challenges when it comes to sales, which is why choosing the right software solution is critical. Salesforce is a popular choice for many companies, but there are two different cloud options available: Sales Cloud and Consumer Goods Cloud. In this blog post, we'll discuss why we believe Consumer Goods Cloud B2B Sales is the better choice for CPG leaders.

Reason 1: Industry-Specific Data Model

Consumer Goods Cloud provides an industry-specific data model for CPG companies. This data model has objects and data structures that are specific to the consumer goods industry that companies think about, such as the retail stores through which their products are sold, and the essential KPIs that indicate the success of these stores. This helps companies focus on the most important opportunities. On the other hand, Sales Cloud is a more general solution that does not come with industry-specific objects and data models. Therefore, CPG companies using Sales Cloud will need to spend time and resources customizing the software to make it work for their industry.

Consumer Goods Cloud B2B Sales is ready to go right out of the box. This makes it a much more efficient solution for CPG companies that want to get up and running quickly without having to spend a lot of time customizing software.

Reason 2: Salesforce's Strategy for Consumer Goods Cloud

Salesforce has a great strategy for its Consumer Goods Cloud. The company is investing heavily in building out this solution and creating a roadmap for the future of CPG company software. By choosing Consumer Goods Cloud B2B Sales, companies benefit from Salesforce's ongoing investment in this solution.

Building your own software solutions can be expensive and time-consuming. By choosing Consumer Goods Cloud B2B Sales, CPG companies can get an accelerated rate of return on their investment because they benefit from all the roadmap and goodness that comes from Salesforce's ongoing investment in Consumer Goods Cloud.

Reason 3: Advanced Order Management Capabilities

Consumer goods cloud B2B Sales offers advanced order management capabilities that are specifically tailored to the unique needs of CPG companies. This includes features like managing complex pricing and promotion scenarios, creating custom pricing for individual customers or market segments, and managing trade promotions and incentives (with the TPM ORG license). With Sales Cloud, you would need to build these capabilities from scratch, which can be time-consuming and costly.

Reason 4: Unique Analytical Capabilities

CG cloud B2B Sales (with CG Cloud Analytics) also offers enhanced visibility into sales performance and customer behavior, allowing CPG companies to make data-driven decisions. This includes real-time dashboards and reporting, as well as advanced analytics capabilities. With Sales Cloud, you would need to integrate additional tools or build custom reports to achieve this level of visibility.

Reason 5: Cross-Functional Integrations

Consumer goods cloud B2B Sales provides seamless integration with other CG cloud products, such as Consumer Goods Cloud Retail Execution and Consumer Goods Cloud Analytics. This allows CPG companies to have a complete, end-to-end view of their sales and distribution processes, from order capture to retail execution to analytics and insights. While Sales Cloud does not include the Consumer Goods data, which means no interoperability.

Why Learners.ai Recommends Consumer Goods Cloud B2B Sales

As system integrators, we at Learners.ai are passionate about helping our clients find the right software solutions for their needs. We believe that Consumer Goods Cloud B2B Sales is the best choice for CPG companies because it reduces the time to value, increases the ability to use innovation from Salesforce, and reduces the cost of working with system integrator like Learners.

Building the right solution on the right software, for us, means being transparent, truthful, and creating the best value for the customer. By choosing Consumer Goods Cloud B2B Sales, we can help our clients achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively.

In conclusion, CPG leaders should choose Consumer Goods Cloud B2B Sales instead of Sales Cloud because of its industry-specific data model and Salesforce's strategy for the future of CPG company software. By partnering with a trusted system integrator like Learners.ai, companies can get the most out of their software investment and achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently.