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Salesforce Maps + Mobile Ap = Intelligent Routing for CGC

Salesforce Maps + Mobile Ap = Intelligent Routing for CGC


The business landscape is constantly changing, and organizations are always seeking solutions to improve efficiency and accelerate revenue growth. Salesforce Maps Advanced Routing is a powerful tool for sales teams to optimize scheduling, planning, and field execution. By automating the planning process, this feature enables sales teams to concentrate on delivering excellent customer service and generating revenue.

This article will explore how Salesforce Maps Advanced Routing can optimize field operations, perfect territory management, and increase revenue. It can help your organization reach its full potential.

Simplifying Appointment Scheduling and Route Optimization with Advanced Algorithms

Salesforce Maps Advanced Routing harnesses advanced algorithms to create the most efficient appointment schedules and routes for sales representatives.

Generating Optimized Appointments and Routes

The system can schedule up to four months of appointments in a matter of minutes. This is achieved by analyzing various factors, such as distance, traffic patterns and customer availability.

This optimization ensures efficient use of resources. Sales reps interact with the right customers at the right times. This maximizes productivity and reduces miles driven.

Reduce the time sales managers and reps spend planning. Giving them more time to keep customers happy and grow revenue.

Dynamic Optimization for Unexpected Situations

Salesforce Maps Advanced Routing uses dynamic optimization algorithms. These algorithms can adjust the plan in real-time if there are cancellations or missed appointments. This ensures that sales representatives stay engaged with their customers and avoid unproductive idle time.

Customization for Targeted Planning

The planning process in Salesforce Maps Advanced Routing accounts for various factors to generate tailored routes and appointments. Parameters like required customer visit frequency, account planning, existing appointments, and preferred visit windows are taken into account. This helps to create a plan that meets each firm's unique needs.

Optimize routes based on customer visit frequency, account planning, existing appointment, customer preferred visit window, and more


Leveraging Thematic Maps for Informed Territory Management

Thematic maps are a powerful tool in Salesforce Maps Advanced Routing. They provide a visual display of various aspects of a territory, such as size, account types, and account density.


Gaining Insights into Territory Health

Sales managers can easily identify regions that need attention by color-coding them based on account engagement levels. This allows them to quickly allocate resources to the necessary areas.

Tackling Low Activity Territories

Salesforce Maps Advanced Routing allows sales managers to import and analyze external data that may not yet be in Salesforce. By integrating this additional data, sales reps can target hot leads while in the field, further optimizing their time and resources.

91% of sales reps feel they'd be more successful if they could get more face time with the customers. 


2573AE00-DF3C-489B-9D81-EFE11A8AA58FAdapting Sales Strategies with Flexible Sales Initiatives

Salesforce Maps Advanced Routing offers flexibility. It guides sales reps with prescriptive routes. Additionally, it provides agile route optimization to adjust to changing sales priorities.

Guiding Sales Reps with Prescriptive Routes

Sales managers can plan routes for their sales reps up to four months in advance. They can also prioritize accounts and specify visit frequency. This is based on company growth targets and strategies.

Agile Route Optimization to Accommodate Changing Sales Priorities

Salesforce Maps Advanced Routing enables sales managers to adjust optimization settings. This can be done in response to changes in sales initiatives, even when a sales cycle is in progress. This flexibility ensures that the sales team stays aligned with the firm's strategic goals and objectives.

Delivering Personalized Engagement and Empowering Sales Reps

Salesforce Maps Advanced Routing allows sales reps to customize visit times for each customer. This shows the firm's dedication to providing excellent customer service.

Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations

This level of personalization ensures smooth appointment experiences and fosters strong customer relationships.

Comprehensive Schedule Oversight for Sales Managers

Salesforce Maps Advanced Routing offers a map view of sales rep schedules. This allows managers to monitor schedules daily, weekly, or monthly. They can also assess the effectiveness of their team's field execution.

Harnessing Data-Driven Plans for Optimal Sales Performance

Sales reps can trust the plans created by Salesforce Maps Advanced Routing. These plans are data-driven, so reps can be sure that their sales leaders have optimized their schedules for maximum impact.

Streamlined Mobile App Integration for Improved Field Efficiency

Salesforce Maps Advanced Routing links with the Salesforce mobile app. This provides sales reps with easy access to their daily schedules.

They can also get turn-by-turn directions. This helps them make the most of their time in the field. This ease of use helps sales reps stay organized and focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences.




Geofencing Technology for Automated Check-Ins and Check-Outs

Salesforce Maps Advanced Routing uses geofencing technology. This helps check sales reps in and out of appointments automatically. This reduces the need for manual administrative tasks. This automation enables sales reps to spend more time engaging with customers and less time on administrative duties.

Real-Time Route Optimization for Missed Appointments

Salesforce Maps Advanced Routing puts more emphasis on missed appointments when reoptimizing a route. This happens when a sales rep misses an appointment or encounters a last-minute cancellation. This ensures that sales reps maintain consistent customer engagement and continue to foster strong relationships.

Generating Additional Revenue Opportunities

Salesforce Maps Advanced Routing empowers sales reps to identify and add nearby prospects to their schedules during unexpected breaks. Sales reps can make use of data layers provided by their managers. This helps them identify new leads quickly. This allows them to capitalize on these opportunities and generate additional revenue.


Salesforce Maps Advanced Routing is a valuable tool for organizations. It can help improve sales efficiency, territory management, and revenue growth.

This feature automates the planning process and offers real-time route optimization. This allows sales reps to focus on customer engagement and driving revenue. Thematic maps and external data can be integrated.

This integration gives sales managers the tools to make data-driven decisions. These decisions can be applied to territory management and sales initiatives.

In summary, Salesforce Maps Advanced Routing provides a comprehensive solution for optimizing sales performance, increasing customer satisfaction, and maximizing revenue potential. By leveraging its powerful features and capabilities, organizations can stay competitive in today's demanding market and drive continued success.